My name is Laura, I am a passionate and experienced holistic practitioner based in France.

I have always been fascinated by the human experience and how one can live a meaningful, enriching and pain-free life.
For 8 years, I’ve been studying the mind-body-spirit connection according to ancient traditions.
I am a certified Kundalini teacher, face yoga teacher, hormone yoga teacher, as well as a nutritionnist specialized in plant-based food, and efficient nutritrion, as an Essennian-Egyptian Healing Modalities therapist.

I offer a unique blend of these techniques and services, including Kundalini Yoga, Face Yoga, and Eye Yoga, energy healing, conscious eating plan and tarot, to help my clients achieve balance and healing.

Whether you are feeling physical or emotional discomfort, my work is to determine your profile (based on your emotions, facial expressions, and the aches you feel in your body, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine), and to work with you in a holistic manner to restore your health, balance, harmony, sense of oneness, peace and vitality.

The benefits you can expect after a holistic session with me are numerous :

  • Feeling and living more connected to your true self
  • Make your life easier, less stressed and more authentic
  • Reduce if not eliminate bloating, inflammation, excess fat and digestion issues
  • Process and let go of certain emotions stored in the body
  • Improve your body’s general health and flexibility
  • Enhance your natural face skin beauty and maintain its youth and health (people will ask you where you got your botox done :))


This holistic session aims to provide you with a road map to understand where your body and mind are in imbalance, which organs require support, which emotions are difficult to process, and how to receive significant improvement.



The following sessions can include one or several of the following practices depending on your needs and desires and will be customized each time.

  • Diet rebalancing : Understand your profile, your needs and attachments to food, and get your alcaline and plant-based food program, for your health, but also to support your organs and emotions.
  • Therapeutic yoga : I design specific sequences to support your very own journey, using Kundalini Yoga, postures, breaths, meditations and intention.
  • Eye yoga : A very precious practice helping your vision to improve, but also a great tool to meditate and open your mind.
  • Face yoga : A practice to keep your face full of vitality, glow, openness, to release tension, remove wrinkles, improve your skin tone, and improve its symmetry
  • Essenian and Egyptian Therapies
    Plato himself said : “No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul.”
    I think the Essenian and Egyptian therapies really propose to heal by allowing light to cure the body, with a beautiful connexion between the therapist and the patienteven if they're far awar one from another.
  • Tarot Guidance : We also can have a Tarot Reading if you have a special question raised. I work with the subconscious questions raised by C.G. Jung, who understood perfectly that the Tarot symbolism directly belongs to the individual symbolism.

You'll receive a pdf document and/or a video with your program after our session.
Duration : 1 hour
Each session costs 100 euros, and can be booked by writing me an email or sending me the account on paypal on this same email adress :
I will get in contact with you to understand more about your needs and prepare our comprehensive holistic session.

If you are interested in working with me or have any question, feel free to contact me at :


I'm looking forward to meet you and to share with you about you 🙂


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